Tax Services Hackettstown NJ

Tax Services Hackettstown NJ

At Haber and Guenther LLC, our goal is to simplify the entire tax preparation process for you and reduce your tax liability with rigorous planning. We have the expertise to offer your small business the services it needs. What’s more, we are committed to keeping our skills in tax preparation honed with ongoing education courses for our team; we are highly qualified to provide tax services in Hackettstown NJ.

The tax preparation interview can be carried out via e-mail, mail, or in person—whichever you’re most convenient with. Whatever position you’re in, we’re here to advise you in the best possible way to help you get through any challenge.

Which Services Do We Provide?

Our firm offers many services, including:

  • Tax return preparation
  • Payroll services
  • Bookkeeping
  • IRS representation
  • Business formation

Our tax preparation services are personalized, something that a software package cannot provide. Furthermore, we keep ourselves updated with any changes in tax laws to ensure you’re always a step ahead with all your tax needs. As a tax consulting company, we adhere to specific codes of conducts and ethical standards established by peer organizations and governmental establishments.

How Should Small Businesses Prepare for Tax?

Depending on the business type, there are several ways to not only prepare your taxes but to also file them. Sole proprietorships and legal entities such as corporations and LLCs require different tax forms to report their business expenses and income. Regardless of the forms they use, they will calculate their revenues in a similar manner. 

Step 1

Collect all your business records that report your expenses and earnings.

Step 2

Use the right IRS tax form. That will depend on your business operations. Most small businesses require a sole proprietorship. The IRS allows sole owners and LLCs to use a Schedule C attachment.

When you use Haber and Guenther LLC, all you'll need to do is answer a couple of simple questions regarding your business expenses and income, and we will fill the correct forms for your business.


Step 3

Pay attention to the filing deadlines. Failure to observe this may lead to hefty fines.

At Haber and Guenther LLC, we have products to cater to sole proprietors, 1099 contractors, partnerships, LLCs, and corporations.

Which Tax Tips Will Help Small Business Owners?

Some tips can help small businesses maximize credits and save money, and they are:

  • Keep Track of Your Transactions

As soon as the year begins, keep all your loose receipts in one place. Also, keep track of your cash transactions in a log. They may amount to a lot of deductions.

  • Carry Forward Your Healthcare Credit

The health tax credit is provided on a sliding scale. If your business didn't owe taxes in a particular year, you could carry forward the credit. And if you have a tax premium remainder, you can claim your business expenses against the credit.

A Stress-Free Tax Time

Allow us to make your life simple. We have come up with a unique system which allows us to easily and quickly file taxes. To start a conversation about tax services in Hackettstown NJ, call us on (908) 852-6671.

Tax Services Hackettstown Nj
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