Kratom Credit Card Processing

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Kratom Credit Card Processing

Easy And Efficient Kratom Credit Card Processing

Kratom dispensing is a legal business. Kratom is a legal medicine. Kratom dispensaries start out as a cash business and expand to credit and the internet. Kratom credit card processing is considered high risk by main stream sales sites and processors like PayPal.

The most common result of doing kratom credit card processing in main stream payment brands is being suspended from the brand, being fined as much as $2,500 of your profits, income may be held for six months, and the business may be reported as being illegal by the payer. The erroneous report of illegality can cost a fortune in litigation fees.

There is a simpler and legal way to accomplish kratom credit card processing.

In store and on line

Companies offer an in store and online card reader that reads all credit cards from any country in the world.

Pay schemes vary

A “high risk merchant” like an online kratom seller can pay for the set up and use of the device in a number of ways. This allows the merchant to tailor the use of the kratom credit card processing to their income stream. Short term arrangements are available.

Accepts cards from any country

The kratom merchant does not have to experience long delays for payment due to legal problems that exist between nations. The payment system is arranged to make immediate payments through a credit card to the seller. This allows the merchant to expand their business to the world.


The online terminable can be upgraded from a basic set up to a system that does a majority of the accounting for the seller.

Basic plans include a free shopping cart, virtual terminal, a buy now button generator, and mobile payments.

More advanced features include email invoicing, recurring billing, batch uploads, API integration, and load balancing. The system can be connected directly to QuickBooks for simplified accounting.

The system is designed to grow with the business.

Security is guaranteed

Security for the clients and for the business is built into the system. The virtual terminals and the physical devices match all of the present standards of encryption. Client records are safe. The safety of client purchase is a sales tool that can keep customers and attract new customers. All systems have the latest fraud protection tools.

Mail and telephone

The system can incorporate mail and telephone ordering. The advantage to the merchant is that they can develop their own phone sales campaigns and grow their business.

This tool does it all

No business succeeds without an internet presence and the ability to take credit card purchases. Some countries have deemed kratom to be a risky business in financial terms and legal terms.

This single system avoids all of the problems that main stream credit card payment systems present to kratom credit card processing. The system can be used in house and on the internet. It grows with the business.

A system that grows with your business and adapts to your needs in a way that makes your accounting and advertising easier is an asset that pays for itself.


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