Direct Sales Merchant Account

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Direct Sales Merchant Account

Benefits Of Having A Direct Sales Merchant Account

With the growing amount of credit card companies and the numerous benefits credit card processing has to offer, a lot of businesses are now using credit card payments systems than ever before. Even at the global level, debit and credit cards have been a popular and a more preferred alternative to cash payments.

According to research, in the year 2016, there were over 18.9 billion payment cards all over the world, and by 2020, this figure is expected to rise to 23 billion. To make sure your business keeps up with the latest trend and meet your client’s cashless demands, then you’ll need a direct sales merchant account.

A direct sales merchant account allows you to accept several types of payments including credit or debit card payments. These accounts provide lots of benefits including improved security, better money management, and it enables you to accept multiple currencies. Working with payment service providers is a less expensive and better way of opening direct sales accounts.

PSPs (which is short for payment service providers) provides an integrated, simple solution when it comes to multiple payment currencies and methods. Payment service providers also get huge discounts from credit card companies and banks, and you get to benefit from these savings via competitive pricing. Also, payment service providers will employ strategies of risk management just to make sure your business is protected and safe from fraud. Listed below are some of the benefits of having a direct sales merchant account.

You Will Be Able to Accept Credit and Debit Card Payments

You will be able to accept payments via credit and debit cards when you open a direct sales account for your business. Having a credit card payment system for your business is now a necessity as a lot of clients prefer to make payments with their credit or debit cards, both in-store and online. According to research, clients tend to make more purchases and spend more cash when they are using their debit or credit card than when they are paying with cash.

Also, studies have shown that businesses that have a direct sales merchant account and accept debit and credit card payments experience a huge increase in their sales. So opening a direct sale merchant account can help boost your profit margins.

Improved Security

When you work with a payment service provider that is PCI DSS certified, you don’t have to worry about the credit card details and data of your customers, as all their data is protected. A certified payment service provider has some security standards they follow, and they use advanced technology to keep your card details safe and check for fraud. A lot of clients are afraid of credit card theft. But, if your clients know that your payment system is secured, they will feel safe and confident to use your payment system.

You Can Accept Any Currency

One major advantage of having a direct sales merchant account is that it enables you to accept a variety of currencies. This means you can reach clients all over the world, and they can make payments with whatever currency they are using. This will greatly improve your payment process experience and drive more customers to your business.


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