Corporate Tax Services NJ

Corporate Tax Services NJ

For every limited company, the corporate tax is a legal obligation to the government which is done in line with the statutory tax rates of a given country. The corporate tax is imposed on the operating earnings of the company and is a source of revenue to the government. At Haber and Guenther LLC, we are committed to helping our clients with all their corporate needs.

Which Services Do We Offer?

At Haber and Guenther LLC, we provide a bouquet of services to clients which include;

  • Preparations of Tax Returns

We prepare and file both business and personal tax returns. These include Corporate, Individual, Estate, Non-resident, Partnership, Trust, and S Corp tax returns. We also advise our clients on tax estimates for future planning.

  • Payroll Services

We process payrolls ourselves, without involving third parties. We perform this on annual, quarterly, monthly, bi-weekly, or a weekly basis as per our clients’ requests. Additionally, we do all the federal and state payroll tax payments and filings which include 1099 forms and W-2 at the end of the year.

  • Bookkeeping

To complete tax filings on time and even limit the tax liability for our clients, we provide bookkeeping services on a quarterly or monthly basis.

  • IRS Representation

Our services extend to the review of our client’s tax liabilities to ascertain their correctness and even find ways of minimizing them in case of discrepancies.

  • Business Formation

For clients interested in setting up a business, we advise on the appropriate type of business, process the required documentation and offer full guidance by providing all the required information.

Can Non-Profit Organizations Also Benefit from Corporate Tax Services in NJ?

Yes. At Haber and Guenther LLC, we advise the non-profit organizations on the viability of their ideas and the filing requirements that are necessary to obtain and maintain the IRS nonprofit status including the tax exemptions by the state.

What is The Penalty for Not Submitting the Corporate Tax Returns?

Tax evasion may result in both criminal and civil penalties against the corporation. In the United States, the civil penalties are in four categories; penalties on information reporting, accuracy, delinquency, and penalties related to the preparer, the promoter, and protester.

The criminal penalties occur when the corporation's failures to observe the tax rules are shocking and they willfully decline to pay the taxes.

What are The Benefits of Corporate Tax Services in NJ?

Our experienced professionals provide corporate tax services. We serve individuals, for-profit and nonprofit corporations, and prospective clients. We aim to make your life easy as we do all the advising and processing of the required paperwork for you. We will be with you and handle the tax side of your business.

Come to Haber & Guenther LLC and feel the comfort of starting and managing your business without investing much time in the process. We will do the work on your behalf and save you the time you can use to grow your business. Our pleasure is in serving others. Contact us today on (908) 852-6671.


Corporate Tax Services Nj
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